Comprehensive Insurance Solutions for Travellers

Travel Insurance Broking Services

UIB in the Emirates offers dedicated brokerage services for travel insurance, tailored to ensure peace of mind for both individual and frequent travelers. Our focus is on providing personalised insurance solutions that cover a wide range of travel-related risks, from unforeseen medical emergencies to trip cancellations. With our expertise, travelers can embark on their journeys knowing they are protected against the unexpected.

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Our Approach to Travel Insurance

Our methodology involves an in-depth analysis of your travel insurance needs, considering factors like destination, duration, and the nature of your trip. We then canvass our extensive network of insurers to find policies that offer comprehensive coverage at competitive rates. We prioritise straightforward and transparent communication, ensuring you understand and are comfortable with your travel insurance tailored to ensure peace of mind for both individual and group travelers, for single trips or on an annual policy basis.

Comprehensive Range of Travel Insurance Solutions

Travel Insurance - Individual

Tailored insurance solutions for single trips, providing comprehensive protection for personal travel needs.

Travel Insurance - Annual

Year-round travel insurance, offering continuous coverage for frequent travelers' multiple trips.

Baggage All Risks

Insurance covering loss or damage to personal baggage during travel, ensuring peace of mind for travelers.

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