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Comprehensive Range of Specialty Insurance Solutions

Specialty Broking Services

UIB in the Emirates offers a diverse range of insurance brokerage services, catering to specialised sectors such as oil and gas, livestock, and more. Our services are designed to address the unique risks and challenges of these industries, providing tailored insurance solutions. We focus on delivering specific coverage options that ensure comprehensive protection for businesses operating in these niche markets.

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Our Approach to Specialty Insurances

Our approach starts with a detailed risk assessment of your specific industry operations. We utilize our wide network of insurers to source and negotiate policies that offer the most appropriate coverage, focusing on balancing comprehensive protection with cost-effectiveness. Our commitment to clear communication ensures that you are fully informed about your insurance options, enabling you to make decisions that best suit your business’s unique needs.

Comprehensive Range of Specialty Insurance Solutions

Fuel Suppliers Liability

Liability insurance tailored for fuel suppliers, covering potential risks and damages in fuel provision services.

Group Personal Accident

Insurance offering protection for groups against personal accidents, ensuring coverage for unforeseen incidents.

Livestock Insurance

Specialised insurance for livestock, safeguarding against risks like disease, accidents, and natural disasters.

Kidnap & Ransom

Coverage providing financial protection and support services in incidents of kidnapping and ransom demands.

Political Violence

Insurance to cover losses resulting from acts of political unrest or violence, offering financial stability in turbulent times

Sabotage & Terrorism

Insurance to cover losses resulting from acts of sabotage and terrorism.

Insurance Advisory

Providing technical insurance advice in order to attain the best possible insurance program from a cost: benefit perspective.

Contingency Insurances

Insurance covering financial losses due to unexpected cancellation of events, including unforeseen circumstances.

Parametric Insurance

This is an important facet of disaster insurance, amongst others. For example, full or partial farming crop destruction due to adverse weather, by paying a pre-set amount based on the magnitude of the event, and its affect on crop production levels

Oil & Gas (onshore & offshore)

Comprehensive coverage for both onshore and offshore oil and gas activities, addressing industry-specific risks.

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