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At UIB, we focus on providing motor insurance solutions specifically designed for your business’s vehicle fleet. We recognize the challenges and opportunities brought by the fast-paced changes in the automotive industry, including new technologies and evolving consumer needs. With our expertise in insurance and reinsurance, we are skilled in handling these complexities to ensure your fleet gets the best possible coverage.

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Our Approach to Motor Insurance

At the heart of our service is a keen focus on the specific insurance needs of diverse automotive businesses, including Car Dealerships, Corporate Motor Fleets, Transport and Logistics Companies, and Rent-a-Car Companies.

We understand the unique challenges and opportunities in the evolving automotive industry, especially for fleets and high-value individual vehicles. Our team assesses these dynamics, leveraging our extensive network to procure insurance solutions that adeptly cover both traditional risks and emerging concerns like environmental changes and regulatory updates.

Our commitment lies in offering comprehensive coverage and cost-effective solutions from trustworthy insurers. Through clear communication and continuous dialogue, we aim to ensure that you are fully informed and confident in your insurance decisions.

Comprehensive Range of Motor Insurance Solutions

Motor Fleet Comprehensive

All-in-one policy coverage for company fleet vehicles, including liability and employee protection.

Motor Fleet Third Party

Essential coverage for third-party injury or damage caused by fleet vehicles.

Motor Individual Comprehensive

Collision and non-collision damage protection for vehicles, covering theft, vandalism, and many environmental perils, amongst others.

Motor Individual Third Party

Basic liability insurance for third-party damages and injuries caused by your vehicle.

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